Sargodhian Spirit Trust

Managed by Old Boys’ Association of PAF Public School Sargodha

A Brief Introduction


The Sargodhian Spirit Trust is a nonprofit organization formed by Sargodhian Old Boys’ Association (Alumni of the PAF Public School, Sargodha, Pakistan) with the objective of establishing educational centers of excellence in all provinces of Pakistan.


To repay the nation in kind part of what the nation has given the Sargodhians in the development of their personality and careers.


A model of education that is replicable, utilitarian and has deep moral trappings according to Islamic teachings.


Through the effort, sagacity, status, wealth and experience of the Sargodhians diaspora throughout the world.

Our Vision and Objectives


“Aim High” gives the Sargodhian a vision in which he aims at deeds that take him to high achievements for which he has been uniquely educated. As the Sargodhian goes through real life with achievement after achievement, he is more and more convinced that he owes a debt to the society and institution, which has made him “Aim High”. Thus is born a spirit of thanks giving in which the Sargodhian wants to be the benevolent emissary of his own good fortune onto others who are seeking the opportunity of the unique education which will make them “Aim High” to fulfill their destiny. In this way takes shape the “SARGODHIAN SPIRIT”

Creation of Schools/Training Centers

Starting modestly and progressing steadily, the creation of schools/training centres using principles based on creativity, liberation of thought, objective curricula and their delivery, modern tools and the imbibement of human values would be the beacons of light for the young minds of Pakistan who go through these institutions.

Carry Forward Our Mission and Vision

To create and actively work to enhance the Sargodhian Spirit Trust Fund that has to be used to further the vision and mission of the Sargodhian Spirit Trust, through objective no.1.

Impart Knowledge and Vision

Since 1953, Sargodhians have played a key role in nation building. The wisdom that has been garnered as such and the experience that has been absorbed will be utilized through Seminars, Workshops and Colloquia to impart knowledge and vision to all that make use of the Sargodhian Spirit Trust.



PCP Evaluation
Alamabad, KPK
Named after PAF's great hero Sqn. Ldr. M.M.ALAM, with the help of PAF, SST along side RMWO launched another project in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa at a location near Swabi where locals have donated their land to Pakistan Air Force for establishing a social welfare village which would have beside health care facilities, day schools for Boys and Girls also a Public School. SST will construct the Public School.
Yunasabad, Quetta
PAF has allotted a chunk of 50 acres land at northern parameters of the boundary of Samugli Air Base, Quetta. The Project is named as Project Yunusabad. With the Financial Assistance of Govt. of Balochistan, SST has finalized the plans for development of School Campus and is ready to start work.