Mission, Vision & Objectives

SST Mission

“Ihidinas Sirat ul Mustaqim”

“Purpose, Path and Guidance”

Purpose: To repay the nation in kind part of what the nation has given the Sargodhians in the development of their personality and careers.

Path: A model of education that is replicable, utilitarian and has deep moral trappings according to Islamic teachings.

Guidance: Through the effort, sagacity, status, wealth and experience of the Sargodhians diaspora throughout the world.

SST Vision

“Aim High” gives the Sargodhian a vision in which he aims at deeds that take
him to high achievements for which he has been uniquely educated. As the
Sargodhian goes through real life with achievement after achievement, he is
more and more convinced that he owes a debt to the society and institution,
which has made him “Aim High”. Thus is born a spirit of thanks giving in
which the Sargodhian wants to be the benevolent emissary of his own good
fortune onto others who are seeking the opportunity of the unique education
which will make them “Aim High” to fulfill their destiny. In this way takes

This spirit envisages three main elements of benevolence:

  1. The effective education model of P.A.F. Public School Sargodha.
  2. The Sargodhian as a custodian of this bounteous education.
  3. The young minds of Pakistan in general and the progeny of
    Sargodhians in particular as recipients of this bounty.

This vision further translates element one into the creation of institutions small
and large that recreate and replicate the effective education model of P.A.F.
Public School Sargodha. Element two becomes the vehicle through whose
effort the above translation is achieved. And finally element three, the reward
of this vision, creates a younger more vibrant spirit that helps to propagate the
Sargodhian Spirit.

Objectives of SST

There are three main objectives of the Sargodhian Spirit Trust.

  1. Starting modestly and progressing steadily, the creation of
    schools/training centres using principles based on creativity, liberation
    of thought, objective curricula and their delivery, modern tools and the
    imbibement of human values would be the beacons of light for the
    young minds of Pakistan who go through these institutions.
  2. To create and actively work to enhance the Sargodhian Spirit Trust
    Fund that has to be used to further the vision and mission of the
    Sargodhian Spirit Trust, through objective no.1.
  3. Since 1953, Sargodhians have played a key role in nation building. The
    wisdom that has been garnered as such and the experience that has
    been absorbed will be utilized through Seminars, Workshops and
    Colloquia to impart knowledge and vision to all that make use of the
    Sargodhian Spirit Trust.
  • The Sargodhian Spirit Trust Public School Rashidabad, received the first entry in August 2005 with total intake of 66 students. This batch completed their five years studies in School in June 2010. Their results in the IGCSE board exams were outstanding; one student secured top position in Computer ...


    The High Achiever's Award for the 2014 IGCSE/'O' Level Exams have been given to the following SSTians:



      Students of SST Public School, Rashidabad have, once again, produced outstanding results in Cambridge IGCSE 2013 Examination. Uzair Zafar