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A Heartfelt Thank You to Our Generous Donors

Gratitude in Abundance

SST extends deepest appreciation to the remarkable individuals who have made a difference through their selfless contributions.

Your support has not only energized our mission but has also kindled hope in countless lives.
Every donation, no matter the size, is a testament to your belief in our cause. Your generosity serves as a beacon, guiding us forward on our journey to create positive change. Through your unwavering support, you are nurturing a brighter future for the nation.
As we move ahead, we carry the spirit of compassion with us. Our progress is a tribute to your faith in our vision.
Thank you for standing beside us and being an integral part of our mission. Together, we are shaping a world of possibility, one act of giving at a time.
With profound gratitude,

Sargodhian Spirit Trust

Donations during FY-2024

Sr. No.NameAmount (PKR)
1Pakistan Air Force1,208,649/-
2Mr Tanvir Sultan Awan540,000/-
3Rastgar & Co.220,000/-
4Mir M. Akbar Panni200,000/-
5Potohar Center for Entrepenureship Development200,000/-
6Syed Ilyas Hussain150,000/-
7Air Cdre Ershad Ahsan100,000/-
8Air Cdre Tariq Shahab70,000/-
9Syed Muhammad Anas27,500/-
10Air Cdre Shahid Naveed25,000/-
11Azeem Shabir1,000/-

Donations during FY-2023

Sr. No.NameAmount (PKR)
1Mr Ahmed Salaam Khan1,800,000/-
2Mr Dick Fletcher1,227,891/-
3Pakistan Air Force1,083,094/-
4Col. Nazar Hussain1,000,000/-
5Mr Azeem Nasir & Kashif Malik507,762/-
6Potohar Center for Entrepreneurship Development320,000/-
7Mr Imtiaz Ali Rastgar220,000/-
8Syed Ilyas Hussain Shah200,000/-
9Mr Mir M. Akbar Panni150,000/-
10Mr Adnan Siraj100,000/-
11Air Cdre Ershad Ahsan100,000/-
12Mr Tanvir Sultan Awan90,000/-
13Air Cdre Shahid Naveed25,000/-